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Tangible results for real people.

With our associates at your side, the law will prove you right in Geneva and Vaud.

We assist you in matters such as protective measures of the conjugal union, divorce, alimony claims, child custody, visiting rights, liquidation of matrimonial regimes and financial claims, account lockouts, prenuptial agreements and matrimonial planification, with regard to international and national laws and criminal legislation.

We do everything to get the best results.

We care about our clients, about their emotions, and about the well-being of their children. The outcome of a judicial proceeding is key to the future of the whole family, financially and personally. We provide our clients with our legal expertise, in the office as well as in court, while keeping in mind the psychological side of the proceeding and the other party.

The sooner, the better: meet our lawyers and ask for their legal advice at the earliest stage. This is an investment and the smartest move to avoid unnecessary long and conflictual proceedings with possibly irreversible consequences.

We act to protect what matters the most to you.


Our firm ranks each year among the best law practices of Switzerland in the field of family law (Le Temps / Bilanz).


SAV/FSA (Swiss Federation of Lawyers) Specialist and Certificate of Advanced Studies in Family law. Continuous legal training and monitoring of the law and the case-law.


Involvement, empathy, availability, transparency.


Team work in Switzerland and abroad to fulfil our clients’ claims and preserve their families.

Our Team


SAV/FSA Specialist Family law

Deputy Judge at the Criminal Court, Geneva

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Legal intern

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Legal intern

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Administrative manager

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Courier & technician

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Our firm has an extensive network of lawyers around the world (neighbouring France, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, London and Singapore) with whom we maintain close working relationships.



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